Leadership Academy Bootcamp

Leadership Academy Bootcamp

Ever wanted to be part of a leaders community which champions enterprise and entrepreneurship, values meaningful human connections and embraces collaboration?

NACUE invites you to kick off the year with Leadership Academy Bootcamp, which will be hosted in Loughborough University London on the 20th - 21st September 2018.

It will be bursting with inspiring NACUE alumni talks, interactive and knowledge building sessions around leadership, defining a purpose, building a team, evaluation (KPI’s), impact creation and engagement, setting up a successful sustainable strategy to scaling up your society, network opportunities with like-minded people and much more.

This is an amazing opportunity to develop your leadership skills and entrepreneurial mindset, expand your network of like-minded people, exchange knowledge and collaborate with other societies across the U.K. and get your society to the next level by creating impact within your community.

Interested in being part of this leadership community?

Then book quickly to get the best offer! Early birds tickets are available now until the 25th June 2018.



About NACUE's Leadership Academy


NACUE Leadership Academy is a new one year peer-to-peer learning programme, from September to June, specifically designed for student enterprise societies, who want to start, develop or take their societies to the next level.

Our purpose is to create a sense of learning community that empowers tomorrow’s leaders by providing them with the opportunity to share knowledge, shape learning experiences, build and expand their network and develop their leadership skills and entrepreneurial mindset. Simultaneously, this will also open up the chance to voice their achievements, showcase their impact and foster collaboration between societies across the network. Our aim is to support and mobilise student societies by providing the needed tools and techniques to excel and strengthen their impact.

The programme kicks off with a Leadership Academy Bootcamp, hosted in Loughborough University London on the 20th - 21st September 2018.

Throughout the year, you’ll have access to NACUE events and our network and there will be a wrap up of the Leadership Academy event with an Awards Ceremony, where the participating societies have the chance to voice their achievements and showcase their impact across their community and beyond - a day celebrating tomorrow’s leaders. Additionally, we’d like your contribution when we hold targeted online blogs and discussions throughout the year.