Use Stitcht to document your journey throughout the Varsity Pitch Competition 2018! 

Use Stitcht to document your journey throughout the Varsity Pitch Competition 2018! 

Stitcht, is an exciting emerging app that enables friends and followers to easily create videos together.  Varsity Pitch applicants will be able to use the app, to document their journey, throughout the competition. This will allow applicants to gain greater exposure for their business as well as get an insight on how some of the applicants prepare for the competition. You can now create your 60 second video pitch using Stitcht! Mike Christensen, the man behind Stitcht, explains how this can be done using the app. Click here to find out how, Mike has also gone ahead and done a video pitching Stitcht, see it here.  

We’ve also had the pleasure to gain an insight from Mike to find out what drove him to create Stitcht. Read on to get a full scope of Mike’s entrepreneurial journey.  

Why did you create Stitcht? 

At the time I came up with the idea for Stitcht, I was sharing lots of experiences with friends, like road trips, attending festivals, house parties etc. and I wanted a simple way to share everyone's videos. The existing solutions were to WhatsApp them or create a shared folder on something like Dropbox. However, if you wanted to create a story from all perspectives using everyone’s videos, there was nothing that let you do this without downloading all of the videos into something like iMovie. 

What makes Stitcht unique? 

Collaboration is the key to Stitch. We focus on making it easier to capture the things you do with friends and make it easy to have two-way interactions with followers using video to make a sociable social network. With Stitcht, we’re introducing the new concept of Reels. These are essentially groups you invite people to join, where everyone can add videos into and then you can choose ones you like to stitch together and share anywhere you want. You can choose who you want to be able to join your reels and it can be people you invite, your followers or anyone on Stitcht. 

What has been your biggest milestone to date? 

Our launch party in April was a big milestone. We had a brilliant turnout from people and brands all interested in our vision for a future, highly collaborative, social video platform. Actually, releasing the app on the App Store was also a huge milestone; it was amazing to see people download and give great feedback on our app. 

What are your current challenges? 

We’re currently going through the process to raise money which will enable us to grow the team and develop exciting features we have planned. We also aim to release the Android version early next year. 

What are some of the valuable lessons that you have learnt on your entrepreneurial journey? 

Never give up. Have unfaltering faith and remain open to all opportunities. Having a glass half full approach is definitely the correct mindset to have. I would also recommend getting involved with the startup community around you. There are so many others on the same journey that you can learn from and who may open doors for you but equally be prepared to help others out as well. 



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