Ed Miliband's Labour party leader's speech

Ed Miliband kicked off the first of the leader's speeches yesterday!

Ed Miliband

The opposition leader set out six national goals from Labour to transform the country, and restore faith in Britain’s future. Raising the minimum wage, and extending voting rights to 16 and 17 year olds were just some of the plans the Labour leader that stuck out for us at NACUE.

Miliband acknowledged that many small business are struggling today because of what he described as the “You’re on your own” culture. He said: “So many small businesses are struggling. They’ve been told: ‘You’re on your own.’”

He continued: “Young people think their life will be worse than their parents.”

Miliband set out a plan to make sure Labour lead the revolution in apprenticeships by 2025. He called for youth to step-up and grab all opportunities. He said: ‘Young people need to show the ambition to get on and do well.”

However, throughout Miliband’s speech he reinforced the need for solidarity and togetherness.

Miliband touched on entrepreneurship briefly, understanding the need for entrepreneurs to help restore the country’s economy. He said: “Britain needs great entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurs recognise they are only as good as their team.”

He ended: “Together we can build a better future, and together we can rebuild Britain.”

There were plenty of discussions about Labour MPs views on enterprise and entrepreneurship at our Labour Party Question Time Conference last night. 

Catch us next week when we'll be in Birmingham for our Conservative Student Entrepreneurs Question Time!

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