Rachael Corson - Afrocenchix

Rachael Corson - Afrocenchix

Rachael is the Co-founding Director of Afrocenchix Ltd, a sustainable and ethical brand challenging beauty standards to provide safe products for black and mixed heritage women. Rachael is a public speaker best known for her winning pitch to celebrity judges including Vanessa Kingori (publishing director at British Vogue) and Ashton Kutcher at the WeWork Creator awards two days before giving birth. She's a blessed mother of two aspiring to fit 8 hours of sleep into her schedule.

With a background in trichology, Rachael also spends her time writing myth busting blogs about afro hair and running Hair Care 101 workshops to educate our community and promote good afro-hair practices. Rachael also writes sci fi novels and short stories when she's not busy managing a creative and diverse team towards realising the global vision at Afrocenchix.

Afrocenchix is an award winning small business and the 1st Afro hair brand in WholeFoods UK changing the beauty landscape for women with Afro Hair. Founded in 2010 by Rachael Corson and Joycelyn Mate, their global mission is to give every Black and mixed heritage person access to safe and effective products. At Afrocenchix we believe in community and shared experiences so we work closely with scientist to formulate natural products from locally sourced and naturally derived ingredients to offer a range of ethical products that are great for Afro Hair. 


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