Semi Finalists - Tata Varsity Pitch 2020

Meet the Tata Varsity Pitch 2020 Semi-Finalists

The shortlisting for the Tata Varsity Pitch 2020 is now completed! We have students and graduates from every industry finalising their ideas to be ready to pitch online at the semi-finals, in partnership with NatWest Accelerator, next week.

All of the judges, from every category, were impressed with the high calibre of applicants and are eager to hear their pitches next week. This year, the judges are from Tata Ltd, Tata Consultancy Services, Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Communication and Tata Consumer Products. All judges will most certainly have their work cut out on the day.


Tata Social Impact

Cos Colours. Founder Ameenah Begum. University of Sussex. 

Deploy Tech. Co-Founders Paul Mendieta and Beren Kayali. Royal College of Art, Imperial College London. 
Konglomerate Games. Founder Jamie Bankhead. Abertay University. 
LabCycle. Co-Founders Minal Patel, Colin Francis and Jinghui Liang. University of Surrey and University of Bath.
Third Eye Intelligence. Founder Samyakh Tukra. Imperial College London. 


Digital & Technical with Jaguar Land Rover

 AC Biode. Founder Robert Kunzmann. University of Cambridge.

Legalme. Co-Founders Chiara McDermott and Arthur Berkley. Oxford University.

Luminiferous. Co-Founders James Lee, Mathew Anderson and Jonathan Müller. University of Cambridge.

Medified. Founder Samuel Ola. Loughborough University.

Tangi0 Ltd. Founder Liucheng Guo. Imperial College London. 


Genuine Innovation with Tata Consumer Products

Enteromics Ltd. Founder Mariam Elgabry. University College London. 

Nexacath. Founder Reza Sarwary, CFO Valerie Cai. King's College London.

Railwatt. Founder Ralph Dalu.Hartpury University.

Talonmore Drinks Company. Co-Founders Lewis Kennedy and Alexander Dean. University of Dundee.
VacTrack. Co-Founders Gabriella Hakim and Louis Seller. University of Oxford, University College London.  


Ideas with Tata Communications

 Gaia Delta. Founder Gordon Tveito-Duncan. City University London.
 The Bread Brew'd Project. Founder Ethan Richards.University of Nottingham.
Seaweed Culture. Founder Luke Smith. University of Lincoln. 

Unitic. Founder Prathamesh Deshmukh. Glasgow Caledonian University.
YumKax Global. Founder Jenniffer Solorzano Mosquera. Imperial College London. 


Creative & Design with Tata Consultancy Services

  Clef. Co-Founders Deborah Igunm, Dayan Graham and Dalonie Graham. University of Nottingham.

Lintastic. Co-Founders Abhinov Asokan and Yinan Wu. University of the Arts London.
Mykor. Founder Valentina Dipietro. Royal College of Art. 
Post Carbon Lab. Founder Dian-Jen Lin. University of the Arts London.

 Studio Hyte. Co-Founders Eugene Tan, Benjamin Cain, Jordan Gamble and Arjun Harrison-Mann. Central Saint Martins and Royal College of Art.

Tata Disruptive Business 

ImmTune Therapies. Co-Founders George Tetley and Bakul Gupta. University of Cambridge. University of Dublin. 

JSF Healthcare Ltd. Co-Founder Jamil Shah Foridi and Serena Patel. Trinity College. University of Cambridge. 

Route Konnect. Founder Mohammed Binesmael. Cardiff University. 
The Tyre Collective. Co-Founder Hanson Cheng, Siobhan Anderson and Deepak Mallya. Royal College of Art. Imperial College London. 

Universal simulation. Co-Founders James Markey and Arnaud Cosson. Open University.  




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