Varsity Pitch 2022 Competition


Applications for Tata Varsity Pitch 2022 have now closed! We're delighted to see so many brilliant ideas come through.

Congratulations to everyone who submitted their application for the Tata Varsity Pitch 2022! After an incredibly difficult experience shortlisting from nearly 200 applications and some tough decision-making, we are pleased to announce the shortlist of the 30 successful businesses.

Tata Varsity Pitch Competition 2022, powered by NACUE is a national initiative, dedicated to both current students and recent graduates (post 2017) celebrating high potential, early-stage ventures coming directly out of colleges and universities across the UK.

The virtual Semi-finals of the Tata Varsity Pitch Competition 2022 is being held in partnership with NatWest Enterprise on Thursday 13th October 2022, for six places in the Grand Final, a chance to win £15,000 equity free and a coveted national title. Alongside the £15,000 prize fund and a national title, there will be other benefits too - finalists will have access to significant in-kind support such as expert advice on business plans, pitching skills and to how to professionally network.

Stay tuned as we continue to enjoy this year's process and get a step closer to discovering the finalists of Tata Varsity Pitch 2022!

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 Meet Our Semi-Finalists

Creative & Design Category with Tata Consultancy Services


ARC-TEC. Founder Charlotte V. H. Donivar. University of Westminster

Imminent Meta Limited. Co-founders Liam Kilsby-Steele and Josh Allen. Cardiff Metropolitan University

REALITY FOOTWEAR. Co-founders Shafae Ali and Alfie McMeeking. Imperial College London

X-ZIBIT. Founder Jeremiah Osei-Tutu. University of the Arts London

Yamama. Co-founders Noura Qusairy and Futoon Qusairy. University of Liverpool


Genuine Innovation Category with Tata Consumer Products


BoxxDocks, Founder Alessandro Attanzio, James Della Valle and Amarjit Pall. University College London

Pluteau. Co-founders Alex Bernini and Rob Somers. Aston University

Re-sept Ltd. Founder Shikha Ramjutan. King's College London

Stash-Up. Mauricio Banados-Cornejo. University College London

Swoopd. Founder Jacob Masters. Nottingham Trend University


Digital & Technical Category with Jaguar Land Rover 


Beautiful Voice. Co-founders Yun Bing and Dongli Li. University of Oxford

CircuLite. Co-founders Hassan Imran, Tadashi Kubo and Robert Kunzmann, University of Cambridge

LIROSEN LIMITED. Co-founders Aniket Gore, Ashish Mokalkar and YiXien Yap. University of Surrey

Route Konnect Limited. Mohamed Binesmael and Daniel Harborne. Cardiff University

NXT LVL.Co-Founders Shafae Ali, Andy Ferdinand, Alfie McMeeking, Molly Morrell and Daniel Wang. Imperial College London


Health & Wellbeing with Tata Communications


ABD nanotech. Founder Deepika Muruganathan. Nottingham Trend University

Drill Surgeries Ltd. Co-founders Dr William Chaundy and Moises Barbera Ramos. University of Liverpool

Easy Wheels. Founder Aditya Sutreja. Brunel University London 

Tycho MedLink. Founder Juan (Silvia) Lin. University College London

Well-being First. Founder Ben Warrington. Solent University


Tata Early Stage


Seaweed Culture. Founder Luke Smith. University of Lincoln

Fibe. Co-founders Idan Gal-Shohet and David Prior Hope. Imperial College London

FlexSea. Co-founders Carlo Fedeli and Thibaut Monfort-Micheo. University of Warwick and Imperial College London

Kreios Space S.L. Co-founders  Adrià Barceló Gregoriano, Francisco Boira Gual, Francisco Bosch Lloveras, Jan Mataró Núñez, Adrián Senar Tejedor, Max Amer Viñas. Cranfield University

Urban Panel. Founder Steve Philip. University of Manchester


Tata Social Impact Category


Dotplot. Co-founders Debra Babalola and Shefali Bohra. Imperial College London & Royal College of Art London

Himayat. Co-founders Anushka Desai Arya Diwase and Riya Patil. University College London

Scrapp Recycling. Co-founders Evan Gwynne Davies, Daniel Marek and Mikey Pasciuto. Heriot-Watt University

Team Repair. Co-founders Anais Engelmann, Megan Hale. Oscar Jones. Imperial College London

Vactraca. Founder Victoria Ndoh. University College London


Online Peoples’ Vote Winner

ETHOSA. Co-founders Gaëlle Chatelard and Oliver Ludwig. Oxford Brookes University

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