AC Biode

AC Biode


Founders: Ignado Gonzales Alcalde, Robert FirebreathTadashi Kubo

The Problem

The battery is a crucial element of our daily lives. However, demands for higher battery capacity, longer duration, and better safety are dramatically outpacing what is supplied in the market today. Why is that? So far all of the world ́s batteries output Direct Current (DC). This is perfectly adequate for small devices, such as mobile phones, which run on DC. However, larger applications, such as electric vehicles (EVs) run on Alternating Current (AC). The problem is that complex electric systems are required to transform DC to AC current.


The Solution

We have developed the first-ever standalone AC battery (patented), which solves this problem. If we can bring this technology to the market, ​EVs will go 30% further using the same energy​.

Batteries are complex systems. Simply put, we have developed a new battery part called the Biode. We have patented the Biode, which is the key to our revolutionary battery technology. It has both the characteristics of an Anode and a Cathode.

Our world’s first-ever standalone AC battery solution will be licensed to battery manufacturers/parts manufacturers worldwide. The production of our AC battery will utilize existing materials and production lines. Therefore, we can penetrate the market faster than competitors that use new industry materials or offer all-solid-state batteries.


The Company 

Our team met 2 years ago at the Judge Business School in Cambridge. Collectively our management team has 40 years of work experience, not only in the battery/circuit industry but also in researching particle accelerators in Tsukuba, Japan. This inter-disciplinary know-how and experience are one of our key differentiation. We already have a prototype of our AC Biode battery at 20W. Within a year, we intend to scale it up to 50kW with Cockcroft-Walton Multiplier optimized for mobility applications.


A Quote

"We saw some of the other participant’s video pitches and were astonished by the quality, innovation and vision of the founders and their startups. I guess that forced us to focus on trying to be the best when preparing for the competition."


Top Tips

"You must learn how to walk before starting to run. This is something that entrepreneurs should engrave on their minds. Sometimes, we believe that our startups will be acquired or competing with Google in 2 years time and it will not be that way. We must keep up our motivation and work to reach that point, and that means never give up, trust your gut and just follow your dreams despite everything else."