Alan TSO - FinnotechUK

Alan TSO - FinnotechUK

Alan has been working in the R&D industry for more than 15 years, specialising in the development of medical and healthcare devices, life science technology, and other innovative products. Alan also supports enterprises to achieve funding resources to reduce R&D investment.

FinnotechUK Limited is a multi-disciplinary R&D consultancy and funding support company to promote R&D and innovation excellence into the UK economy by supporting entrepreneurs to build innovative, viable and scalable business in the United Kingdom.

FinnotechUK is the expert in facilitating enterprises and industries design the best solution that meet market need, develop applied technology solutions for value creation, increase productivity, and achieve funding resources to enhance competitiveness in both local and international marketplace. UK’s enterprises also benefit with commercialisation of patents and technologies, bringing enormous opportunities abound for licensing and technology transfer, both locally and internationally.


Funding Panel: Getting funded and investment ready

Finding early stage investment can be one of the most stressful times for any early stage start-up. Building networks, pitching, having issues shone throughout your business, can become the norm for months. Join Alan together with Alex from AGORA, Charles from Galayev&Co and Hugo Cheyne from SeedLegals to uncover best practices behind fundraising and how to make sure you will be investment ready.