Alvaro Caiza - OnBoard

Alvaro Caiza - OnBoard

Alvaro Caiza is an Ecuadorian entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of OnBoard. Alvaro is an experienced software developer with expertise in AR/VR applications. He is passionate about technology, marketing and games. Always innovating and proposing new solutions, during his master’s in Interactive Media, he thought about a revolutionary mobile application that would change the way companies provide customer service. Since then he has been working with a clear vision of giving life to 3D avatars with his company in the UK.

 About OnBoard

We are connecting small business to their millennial audience thru our range of smart Avatars. We are the new generation of chatbots. Our mission is to continually exceed the expectations of customer experience by using augmented reality and artificial intelligence to help consumers discover, decide and buy anything from a specific company. We empower businesses to increase their success by giving them a 3D personality that is 24/7 available to talk to their clients.


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