Founders: Alessandro Attanzio, Amarjit Pall and James Della Valle


The Problem 

Driven by an ever-growing customer base fuelled by “we need it now culture”, has placed greater demands on logistics and shipping providers to source ever more economical and efficient ways to sort, ship and deliver products on time within a race to the bottom market.

Public concern for the sustainability of existing supply chains has forced logistics suppliers to address their carbon impact. These shifting customer expectations have driven a willingness to explore new kinds of collaboration with their LSP, subsequently forcing existing logistics suppliers to adapt towards more sustainable supply chain solutions in a bid to retain market share while decarbonising their supply chain.

Automated warehouse management systems coupled with the inevitable electrification of logistics fleets address sorting times, labour costs, and transportation emissions but fail to address the total supply chain’ carbon impact.


The Solution

At BoxxDocks, we maximise our client’s ability to ship and store more. Possible through the design of smart logistics boxes that collapse to their contents, allowing our clients to economically package, maximise operational efficiency, slash wasted shipping space while in transit and reduce fuel consumption while retaining complete control and flexibility over the logistics line-up. 

Our products are optimised by design to minimise plastic consumption, 11% lighter than our leading competitor, all while reducing our product’s carbon footprint by 80% through the adoption of ELV (End of Life Vehicle) plastics. Seamlessly integrating into existing logistics and delivery systems, the smart boxes incorporate both autonomous and manual folding features whilst accommodating flexibility to be integrated into our IoT product lineup.

Our vision is to become the pre-eminent global leader in environmentally engendered shipping solutions for the current and future logistics sector.


The Company

Why can’t it just fold? Was the question that kick-started BoxxDocks.

As three co-founders: Amarjit, over 35+ years of experience in the logistics market, Alessandro, a former trained lawyer, and senior manager in the logistics sector and James, an architectural technician, we came together to discuss the issues regarding the inflexibility of the standard heavy-duty box (the so-called “tote box”) design which lies at the heart of pharmaceutical distribution within the UK.

As a team, we were sceptical as to why others hadn’t already thought of such a radically simple and easy solution to the tote boxes’ outdated design. However, quickly we realised that the tote box cumbersome design had much larger ramifications than just sorting, packaging, and wasted shipping space. The tote box design and carbon-heavy manufacturing and use of virgin PP plastics, large raw material supply chains, and synthetic dies. By this point, we realised that the entire life cycle of the product from cradle to grave needed to be rethought, designed, and renewed with a younger and more dynamic approach, and here the three of us set out, naively some would say, to change the international standard in global logistics.


A Quote

"We’ve loved the journey so far and having a platform to showcase a hidden industry at the heart of global supply chains that we are disrupting."

Top Tips

Simple solutions can have the widest effects





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