Damian Zabielski  - My Mind Matters Too

Damian Zabielski - My Mind Matters Too

Damian Zabielski is the Head of Operations at My Mind Matters Too, a research and development company focusing on mental health. He splits his time between building My Mind Matters Too and building youth advisory boards for local governments. 
My Mind Matters Too is a youth-led mental health research and development company. We support 16- to 24-year-olds by working and collaborating with them directly to uncover the key challenges they face during their transitions from school to university to employment. Our primary services include mental health workshops, diagnostic consultancy and research. 
Short Talk: How we are changing the Mental Health space
Why do we assume that we know what's best for someone else when we don't even know them. Have you ever had labels or suggestions just thrown at you when you needed advice? Well, we're changing that. 

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