David Trayford - Talk-wire

David Trayford - Talk-wire

David is delighted to be a part of the Student Enterprise Conference for the 6th year. He works with individuals, startup teams, companies and organisations, large or small, on their communication and innovation strategies. He created talk-ware -a simple system to help everyone communicate their ideas. He has hosted, and spoke at, many prestigious events around the world but his main passion is education. He runs workshops and creates programs for schools and universities around the world preparing young people for the future skills needed to deal with the rapidly changing world. In his former life in banking and broking in London he was at the forefront of innovative financial products; has hosted stand-up comedy in many countries, had a radio show in Hungary and helped produce plays, films, documentaries and a variety of live events.

Session: Innovation begins with Communication 

From the moment you have an idea to the time you are selling and marketing your product or service you need to be talking about it, and in a wide range or ways. But the process for making good communication also helps generate ideas in the first place. Hear how they are connected, how to generate better ideas and then tell them to the world!

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