Drill Surgeries Ltd

Drill Surgeries Ltd

Founder: Moises Barbera Ramos, Dr. Javier Coloma

The Problem

Technology has transformed many aspects of our lives, from food production to google maps. Yet there is still one workpace that remains surprisingly resistant to change:

The operating theatre

With many trauma surgeries still performed with methods from the previous century we expose our doctors and patients to unnecessary risks. We have identified one of the most common yet inefficient trauma surgeries, Intramedullary Nailing surgeries, aimed at assisting the welding of broken bones this surgery is performed over 2 million times per year. While surgeons say this surgery should take no more than 30 minutes, because surgeons must rely entirely on X-Rays, stopping and checking they are on the right spot every minute, the surgery lasts around 2 hours which carries risks for medical personal and patients from the radiation, the elongated uso of anaesthetics and blood loss.

The Solution

Our team, featuring an Aerospace Engineer, our co-Founder Dr. Javier Coloma – ready to test our prototypes at hospitals we have already received the green light from - and founder Moises Barbera – experienced researcher developing algorithms in China, Switzerland, Spain and in the UK -, have spent the past 3 years working to create the next generation of medical devices to guide surgeons accurately and without radiation during trauma surgeries.

Featuring the latest technologies in hardware (LiDar, positioning units, etc.) and software (Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Tracking Algorithms and Computer Vision) our powerful and compact medical device already shows potential to reduce radiation and operating time by over 60% and reduce cost per patient by over 33% which, at 2 million surgeries per year is a lot of money. 91% of the surgeons we have spoken to are expecting to test our solution since competitors keep providing inaccurate alternatives.

The Company

Drill Surgeries Ltd. Started out as a research and development company focused on solving a recurring problem during a common type of surgery (Intramedullary Nailing – aimed at assisting the welding of broken bones) performed over 2 million times at hospitals around the world.

With this goal in mind, our motivation has pushed us to work not just for the product but for the mission we are pursuing, to improve healthcare worldwide. We work to provide safer, faster and cheaper Intramedullary Nailing surgeries (with the goal of exploring more surgeries to improve in the future).

Over the years, Drill Surgeries has grown substantially, evolving from “a student with an ambitious idea” to a serious company with a fully working prototype, a growing team and which has received support valued at tens of thousands of pounds from institutions and organizations that include the European Union and Santander.

Our approach to the development of medical devices includes the implementation of the latest technologies, Augmented Reality and tracking algorithms can be found at the core of our work and hence, makes us some of the pioneers in the industry.

A Quote

“So far, working with TATA Varsity Pitch I have had the chance to meet remarkably talented individuals from whom I learnt a lot during the competition stages. It is a pleasure to have been the winner of the “Disrupt” category and to continue the journey in this competition.”

Top Tips


Learn to prioritize, do not put more effort than that which is necessary on tasks that will not fulfil you or produce a return on investment high enough as for the effort to be worth it.

On top of this I would like to share my 5 rules for success which have played a great deal on my progress over the past 3 years since I founded Drill Surgeries.


1. Knock on every door until someone says hello

When you are starting, no one knows you. No one knows who you are or what you do so, tell them. Knock on every door and talk to everyone — ask for anything that you may need, be it support, guidance or even money. You will probably find more NOs than YES, but in the end, you only need one opportunity to take the next step in your journey.


2. Do not try to be like anyone else (The key is to be different from day one — keep people engaged)

Building a successful startup is not something you learn just from books. You need to create your own approach — a personal touch that will drive the attention towards you. What can you do differently in your strategy to keep the spotlight on your work and your passion?


3. Understand your audience

After knocking on all the doors, do not leave without convincing them to use your product, invest in your startup, join your team, etc. It is your job to say the right thing and win them over. If you are talking to investors, don’t go too deep into the tech side, they are unlikely to understand it nor will they care much about this. They care about results. On the other hand, if you are hiring engineers, go deep into the tech of course, and get them excited about their role in the team. So, choose your speech wisely and people WILL listen.


4. Make your enthusiasm contagious

You are founding a startup to create change — that change does not come easily nor cheaply; you need to put together a team of experts to help make that happen. People will not follow you when you say you have a great idea, they follow you when they believe in your idea, and, most importantly, when they trust you. The best way to bring the right team on board is to share that enthusiasm with them — be contagious — and when that happens, you will foster the right environment to succeed.



“Only 1% of startups succeed”, most aspiring entrepreneurs have heard it and I am no exception. Whether that percentage is true or false, I believe that 1% is a promising number! It is basic statistics: if you fail 99 times, you are only 1 try away from succeeding. Accepting early on that you will fail is the most important key to success.