George Winfield - Spyras

George Winfield - Spyras

George Winfield, founder and CEO of Spyras, is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and innovation speaker within the medical technology space. Named as the Royal Academy of Engineering as the ‘UKs’ most promising young engineering entrepreneur’ for 2019 and Mayor of London Entrepreneur, he is a recent graduate from Imperial College and Loughborough University and ex-Johnson&Johnson medical device engineer, he has taken to develop breathing analysing technologies with Spyras to enable improved breathing monitoring in hospital patients and provide innovative Spyras solutions to strategic partnering consumer businesses.

Spyras is a multi-award-winning start-up that is developing novel technologies to better analyse breathing and provide game-changing analytics in respiratory health. Their signature technology is an innovative paper-based sensor that can monitor breathing patterns through changes of moisture in breath. In medicine this can be used to predict abnormal breathing rates occurring in hospital patients, particularly those developing sepsis and allows earlier opportunities to provide treatment. Their platform nature means that they have ample opportunities to utilise their technology and expertise in markets ranging from sports through to consumer health.


Panel discussion: Creating our possible future - what the new world looks like and how to seed alternative futuristic businesses


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