Jonathan Bannister - Make Happy

Jonathan Bannister - Make Happy

Jonathan started his career as an adman in London and then Hong Kong. On his return to the UK, he set a commercial film production company and graphic design agency. For the last 10 years, he has run Make Happy, a marketing and innovation consultancy. Jonathan certifies facilitators in LEGO Serious Play Methods; the Basadur Innovation Profile and Creative Problem Solving.


Session 1: Map, change or innovate your Business Model

Using the Business Canvas or Social Business Canvas, you will map your current business model and rapidly prototype innovations to the current model. This practical, fast-paced workshop will benefit everyone from start-ups to established businesses and social enterprises who are looking to keep their business relevant in the eyes of their customers.


Session 2: Become an innovation master with the Basadur Profile

Become an innovation master with the Basadur Profile How do you approach innovation? Do you like looking for new problems to solve; generating ideas; making practical plans or just getting things done? We are all a blend of these preferences, but without a clear understanding of your particular approach, you are unlikely to work effectively with colleagues and drive innovation forward. The Basadur Profile helps to develop happy, collaborative teams and individuals that can innovate effectively and sustainably. It does this by analyzing how individuals approach problem-solving. This will allow you to optimise your performance, enjoy your work and build collaborative, innovative, happy teams.

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