Kay Kukoyi - Purposeful Products

Kay Kukoyi - Purposeful Products

Kay Kukoyi CSM FITOL is a software delivery specialist, global tech startup mentor, speaker, and lecturer. 

She is the author of 5 books for SMEs and entrepreneurs, including the Amazon international bestseller, Don't Hire a Software Developer Until You Read this Book, and has been recognised by the Financial Times and Inclusive Boards on its list of the 100 Most Influential BAME Leaders in UK Tech.

Kay is the founder and CEO of Purposeful Products, a business, technology and training consultancy and Tech Startup Academy™, a community and centre for learning which provides books, mentoring, workshops, and programmes to support tech startup founders creating software from scratch.


How to Get Started as a Non-Technical Founder

Want to create a tech, or digital product such as a web, or mobile application, but not sure how, or where to start? Join this interactive session for non-technical entrepreneurs that offers practical tips for aspiring tech startup founders and will show you how to take the essential first steps needed to turn your tech driven business idea into a reality.