Leigh Purnell - Petalite

Leigh Purnell - Petalite

Leigh Purnell from world record breaking adventurer to green tech startup founder.

Join us to hear about Leigh Purnell’s amazing Guinness World Record breaking global expedition, where he and two friends from Aston University broke the record for the World’s Longest Journey & World’s Highest Journey by Taxi and raised more than £20,000 for the Red Cross in the process. See the interview on BBC TV.

A natural innovator, with a keen interest in energy technologies and implementations, Leigh, with the support of BSEEN, founded a green tech startup, Petalite, in 2014. Petalite are disrupting the Electric Vehicle industry by inventing a DC Supercharger that is 50% lower cost & 4x longer life than the competition, enabling a revolution in battery analytics for safer, cheaper and faster charging. Join us for a warts and all conversation covering the highs and lows of Leigh’s journey as a green tech entrepreneur including investment rounds and most importantly hear about the exciting future for Petalite.

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