Locky Wright - Warwick Incubator

Locky Wright - Warwick Incubator

A final year Management student at Warwick, Locky is also an Investment Analyst at Creator Fund and the Director of Warwick Incubator. He is currently getting exposure to entrepreneurship through these avenues and plans to build a successful startup in the near future.The first student-led incubator in the country when formed in 2014, Warwick Incubator helps student entrepreneurs get their business ideas off the ground. Through an extensive program that teaches the essential aspects of beginning a new business, the Incubator has helped students receive £250,000's worth of funding to date.


Session: How to climb the entrepreneurship ladder

In this session, Warwick Incubator Director Locky Wright will be taking a holistic approach to student entrepreneurship. He will discuss why being a student is the perfect time to begin a business, what some of the key skills entrepreneurs have are, and how students can get them. Furthermore, this session will delve into where support lies both on and off-campus, so you can get on the entrepreneurship ladder and begin working towards your 10-year life goals.




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