Marwa Thabet - Yallah Halal

Marwa Thabet - Yallah Halal

About Marwa, Founder and CEO of Yalla Halal.    

The Yalla Halal journey began when I moved from Yemen to London in 2018. Living with my Grandparents and three Aunts, we constantly found ourselves reminiscing about the beautiful cuisine of our home country Yemen. We spent many evenings observing my talented Aunt recreate our favourite dishes from back home. 

Although I loved living in such a vibrant and diverse city, I found myself missing the comfort and flavours of the Yemen food. I searched high and low to find Halal Islamic restaurants that created the same authenticity of my family’s home cooking, however surprised to find that my hometown Yemeni food was scarce in London. 

Nethertheless, over the past years I’ve met many people from countries such as Iraq, Syria, Palestine, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, who also felt the incredible flavours of their home country should be shared by more people. Motivated by this collective passion and need, I set out to create a bespoke delivery service of authentic Halal food, including Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisine. Thus, the Yalla Halal project was born.”


About Yalla Halal

At the heart of Yalla Halal is to bring to life the heritage of Halal, sharing its traditions and wellbeing –

Through authentic Halal cooking practices, inspired by the flavours of Middle Eastern cuisine, and lived in the many health benefits Halal food and cooking has to offer.

Yalla Halal is home to authentic Halal food and cooking. We partner with local London chefs, bringing to your door the convenience of freshly cooked, 100% certified Halal food.

You can order freshly cooked Halal food to your doorstep, with our easy-to-use app and site. Hand picks from our certified chefs and experience the flavours plus health benefits Halal food and cooking has to offer. We also cater special dishes for Eid and Ramadan.





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