Post Carbon Lab

Post Carbon Lab


Founders: Dian-Jen Lin and Hannes Hulstaert 


The Problem

Fashion is responsible for 10% of all carbon emissions derived from human activities, more than international flights and maritime shipping combined (UNEP, 2018). If nothing changes, this will rise to 26% by 2050 (Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2017).

At the same time, the textile dyeing process contributes to 20% of global water pollution, mostly in developing countries and thus poisons local drinking water (UNEP, 2018).

As fast fashion business models rise to popularity in the early 2000s, production cycles are minimised to create diverse style options and low-cost mass productions. This is exacerbated by globalized production and a relentless downward pressure to maximise profit. The lack of traceability and transparency also allows unsustainable and unethical practices to stay under the radar. 

The Solution 

Post Carbon Lab aims to create positive ecological contributions from the start of the design process. With the innovative microbial finishes for textiles, we eliminate the involvement of all hazardous chemicals and capture carbon dioxide as we grow and upscale.

We provide two microbiological processes for textile applications to textile-based SMEs in Europe: Microbial Pigmentation & Photosynthetic Coating. Both harness little microbes present in the soil, water and air around us to create beautiful colours and patterns for fashion & textile products, in a climate positive way. With 1 treated large T-shirt, we can generate as much oxygen as a young tree.

As a piloting service provider, we’ve collaborated with 20+ clients ranging from fashion, product, interior, automotive to carbon offsetting industries. Our value is to help the businesses struggling with the sustainability agenda through our environmentally inclusive bio-manufacturing processes.

Our aim is to become the world's first climate-positive bio dyehouse and provide fashion with a positive ecological purpose.


The Company 

Post Carbon Lab, founded by Dian-Jen Lin and Hannes Hulstaert, is a transdisciplinary design research studio with a focus on sustainability and dignity.

Starting with theoretical prompts and investigate with empirical data collection, they scrutinise the need for design and its inherent ecological and social responsibilities.

Their broad skill set along with the innate awareness of the symbiosis between humanity and nature have shaped their design trajectory towards ameliorating the status quo by proactive engagement and transdisciplinary collaboration, which thus led to the success in winning Kering Award as Innovation awardee for Stella McCartney and a finalist in the European Social Innovation Competition.

To push the perception of sustainable fashion further, they offer service pilots of pioneering microbiological processes for textile applications to designers and brands — Microbial Pigmentation & Photosynthetic Coating — as proactive and regenerative pathways to climate-positive fashion.

A Quote

"It was nerve-wracking to pitch in front of the judges especially alongside very strong competitors, we felt very lucky to have been selected amongst them all. Thank you for the opportunity!"

Top Tips

"Start with your why, be bold, persist & carry on!"