Project Stealth Tech

Project Stealth Tech


Founders: Beren Kayali, Lu Ye, Paul Mendieta

The Problem

Real-time and continuous data is becoming essential in the sports industry where every inch, second and strike matters. Lactate level in muscles is the key to an athlete’s performance and success. Unfortunately, today direct lactate monitoring requires athletes to be present in a clinic or to get a bulky portable lactate monitor which are both invasive and toilsome. In the best-case scenario, teams take one sample each month, leaving behind so much valuable information.

On the other hand, fitness trackers like heart rate and blood oxygen tracking wearables give just estimates by using algorithms, making them unreliable and indirect. A misinterpretation in lactate thresholds or current lactate levels can cause a severe injury.

There is no such product in the market yet which gives direct continuous lactate level in real-time. The lack of continuous data points creates a bottleneck for injury prevention and personalised performance interventions for athletes.


The Solution

We aim to help athletes in team sports to obtain readings of their lactate levels. We do it better than current invasive, indirect and cumbersome monitoring systems by providing an interactive mouth wearable.

We created a mouth wearable that incorporates biosensing to read the concentration of lactate biomarkers in athletes from saliva. It continuously collects information during training, competing or even when recovering. It collects and delivers continuous lactate data of athletes comfortably and securely.

We are bridging the gap between cutting edge research in biosensing and the leading market of the quantified self, by using our tailored sensing platform. Our mouth wearable is inclusive, comfortable and provides a seamless experience.

Project Stealth, pushing the limits of biosensing


The Company 

The mouth is one of the most exciting parts of our bodies. It has so many capabilities that fascinate us since day one. The mouth is like a machine, like a factory. It is like a mirror of our body.

Today's technology allows us to talk with astronauts in a spaceship, but we still have little understanding of what our bodies are telling us. Within ourselves, Beren has so many food intolerances and hormone imbalance, and Paul has an unidentifiable chronic migraine and swallowing bumps on his forehead, which triggered our urge to look into the mystery of our bodies' feedback system.

We wanted to build a bridge between us and our bodies. We wanted to be the people who can make your body talk with you.

This inspired us to do our Innovation Design Engineering master project on a wearable mouthpiece. We went through so many rounds of creative practices. We supported it with the latest research mainly provided by our school Imperial College London and supported by the Royal College of Art. InnovationRCA's patent support selected our project, and we registered our first patent. Later this summer Project Stealth also got Imperial College Enterprise Lab's endorsement.


A Quote

"TATA pitch has a special place for us because it unlocked our potential. It made us discover the mental strength within our team, showed us to believe in ourselves and push it to the very end with "never give up" motto in our minds."


Top Tips

Fear needs to be erased from the entrepreneur vocabulary. We need to be okay with failure; it can't be an influence when we make decisions