The Bread Brew’d Project

The Bread Brew’d Project

Founders: Hamish Barguss Smith and Andrei Smirnov


The Problem

One million loaves of bread go to landfill every day in the UK and 38% of children in Nottingham live below the breadline. The Bread Brew’d Project is a social enterprise aiming to solve the paradox of this food waste and child food poverty.


The Solution

Our solution is to upcycle fresh, surplus bread to brew our beer and use profits to fund meals for children at school breakfast clubs. Organisations donate their surplus bread that otherwise would go to landfill to us, and we work with our partner brewery to brew and distribute our beer to outlets across the UK. We then use profits to fund school breakfast clubs in the Nottinghamshire area, providing school children with filling meals.


The Company 

The Bread Brew’d Project was founded in October 2019. Our two co-founders previously worked for a social supermarket in Nottingham and witnessed first-hand the huge amount of surplus bread that goes to landfill. After seeing this problem, we felt inspired to launch The Bread Brew’d Project, innovatively upcycling this bread into beer to tackle issues of food waste and poverty in the UK.


A Quote

Our experience with TATA Varsity Pitch has been incredibly inspiring. Getting to hear from other entrepreneurs and hear from such an expert judging panel has been such an amazing experience and one we are extremely grateful for.

Top Tips

"Believe in your own idea, know why you want to bring it to life and be confident!"