Universal Simulation UK

Universal Simulation UK

Founder: James Markey

The Problem

Medical students - anaesthetists, dentists, surgeons - they all practice on plastic models which don’t feel like the real thing and have expensive consumables before practicing on real patients.

 Pilots don’t practice their first flight with real passengers but they know how to fly a plane by the time they do. They use simulations to do that. We’re here to do the same thing for medical fields and save patients from being practiced unnecessarily. 

The only solutions currently available start from around 50,000 EUR and most universities cannot afford that expenditure. We’re about to disrupt the whole sector with our affordable, desktop and laptop solutions.

The Solution

We’re combining haptics (the virtual touch) and virtual reality to provide a simulation that allows treatments on a virtual patient that is more realistic than the plastic tools they use at the moment. It eliminates the need for expensive consumables, whose cost is often overlooked, and allows patients to be confident that their doctor has been well trained.

 By open-sourcing the hardware requirements we’re making solutions available from 5,000-20,000 EUR. A fraction of the cost of anything in the market. Our system isn’t limited to one simulation either. We are making the flight simulator for anaesthetists, dentists and doctors of the future.

 We already have our first customer with our development partner, ADEMA University, in Spain, and students are already benefiting from the next generation of training methods.

The Company

Our founder, James Markey, worked for an innovative technology company in France called HRV Simulation. He saw how this technology was benefiting students and patients around the world. There was just one problem - it was too expensive for most universities.

Then, one day, he went for a dental treatment that didn’t go well. From that day on, he’s been fighting to make this technology more accessible, more affordable and more widely used to prevent patients from being for practice unnecessarily.

A Quote

“The Tata Varsity Pitch 2020 has allowed us to really crystalise what our business is about and has helped us ship our first products, to our first customer, abroad and it’s a dream come true every single day.”

Top Tips

“You really need to find something that YOU find worthwhile working on. Worthwhile fighting for. Worthwhile putting the hours in for. Nothing comes easy, but if you’re the one that's going to deliver a positive change in whatever you’re doing, it’s well worth being persistent for!


Look for support that’s available - there’s always people who want to help you


Be careful of people telling you what to do - it’s your idea, your business, your decision.


Listen far more than you try selling- customers will tell you, or you’ll see, what their pain points are that you can help relieve."