Embedded Support Programme

Our additional products and services are aligned with practical learning concepts to enable learners to have the opportunity to apply their knowledge within a practical situation.

At NACUE, we understand the importance and need in developing front facing leaders and we ensure our programmes are contributing to the requirements of annual student satisfaction surveys such as the National Student Survey (NSS), Graduate Outcomes Survey and Higher Education-Business and Community Interaction Survey (HEBCI) in supporting the recognition which educational institutions rightly deserve.

The Embedded Support Programme (ESP) has been developed to provide additional support and resources to educational institutions within the UK. The service is designed to widen institutions ability to offer enterprise and entrepreneurship initiatives through the dedicated support of a trained NACUE staff member, embedded into a college or university.

The NACUE employee will be a valued asset for the institution in providing additional support to the 'Enterprise' staff team, to support or embed new, engaging and institutionally wide programmes across the institution.

NACUE will initially undertake an in-depth analysis of 'student-enterprise' as part of their Student Enterprise Survey programme (SES) to support informed decisions amongst staff members. The survey is designed to capture the responses from a significant percentage of the student body, to provide evidence as to the understanding of current enterprise provisions within the institution. By taking account of the student voice, the institution can use this report as evidence of their impact of the enterprise services in detail, ensuring student experience and outputs are maximised.

The SES will provide an informative evaluation of an institutions offering, where Senior Management and NACUE can collectively design a bespoke service for the full academic year. Regular consultations through focus groups would be regularly performed throughout the duration, to constantly reflect that services are meeting the needs of the wider student body.

As part of the Embedded Support Programme, institutions will be entitled to an array of customisable services ranging from the below:

Dedicated member of NACUE staff to work on a college or university campus
The programme will be collaboratively constructed based on the needs and ambitions of the institution. NACUE as an organisation works directly with educators and students and will build a bespoke programme tailored to your individual needs.

Ongoing virtual administrative support
NACUE will build a bespoke survey designed to your individual needs and manage the ongoing administration and online maintenance for the duration. Additionally, this will also take into consideration the collation of the data to be passed onto the external consultant evaluating the results.

Delivery of Student Enterprise Survey on campus (mandatory)
NACUE will facilitate the completion of the Student Enterprise Survey on campus for several days, to ensure the reach is to the wider student population This would be completed in a high footfall area on multiple campuses, providing a diverse set of responses from multiple facilities.

Stakeholder Management
NACUE will be responsible for building relationships with key academics involved in enterprise initiatives within the institution, taking into consideration their perspectives. Additionally, NACUE will manage the relationships with the students involved throughout the duration of the project.

Liaison with external consultants
NACUE will work in collaboration with an array of external consultants (if required) to ensure successful delivery of the agreed programme at hand.


'The University of Westminster has had a unique partnership with NACUE for supporting the development of student enterprise and entrepreneurship activities. NACUE has had a significant role to play in shaping the enterprise offer at Westminster, through working with the careers team and the newly set up Creative Enterprise Centre.

This comes at a particularly exciting time at Westminster when our support for employability and enterprise is being boosted and refreshed.' Monica Deshpande, Head of Employability and Learning Support


The National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) is a charitable organisation, with a passion to support the development of education and student engagement throughout all college and universities in the UK. NACUE works with a diverse and fast-growing network of educational institutions, student enterprise societies, student and graduate entrepreneurs, government and corporate partners to deliver this vision.

Who are we?

NACUE is the leading charitable membership organisation for engaging students in enterprise, following on from an extraordinary movement in student entrepreneurship which has resulted in us “Powering The Enterprising Generation”.

We provide college and university students with the platform to be experimental, creative and inspiring in their approach to student-led enterprise and entrepreneurship, through running inspirational events and advocating practical learning.

Over the last nine years we have engaged thousands of students in enterprising and entrepreneurial activities, supported a network of over 200 enterprise societies and seen over 20,000 people attend our events. Our community alone has generated over 16,500 businesses in innovative spaces, creating thousands of jobs and supporting the investment our country needs.


Contact our membership team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will be happy to assist and answer any questions you may still have. Once we understand your requirements, we can create a bespoke package for your institution at a very competitive price.




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