Enterprise Society Programme

Our additional products and services are aligned with practical learning concepts, enabling learners to apply their knowledge to practical situations whilst challenging them in a business scenario.

We understand the importance and need in developing front facing leaders and ensure our programmes are contributing to the requirements of annual student satisfaction surveys such as the National Student Survey (NSS), Destination of Leavers Higher Education Survey (DLHE) and Higher Education-Business and Community Interaction survey (HE-BCI) in supporting the recognition which educational institutions rightly deserve.

NACUE’s Enterprise Society Programme is a tailored, year long project, designed to accelerate the development of students and increase the growth of enterprise societies in universities and colleges. NACUE’s expert staff will provide specialist support to your students to develop their enterprise and employability skills. It is a very flexible programme and stimulates student-led activity by catering for those just starting an enterprise society to those who want to grow and enhance it. The programme will complement your institution’s existing enterprise strategy and can even create specialist streams such as creative, STEM and social enterprise societies.

The learning-by-doing approach of the programme ensures that students take risks and learn by their mistakes whilst gaining valuable insight into the process of starting their own business.

The programme will be collaborative, designed with input from the institution and will consist of:

  • Half-day consultation

    The programme will be based on the needs and ambitions of the institution working directly with educators and students.

  • Promotional materials to support student engagement

    NACUE will provide customised promotional materials to drive signups for the Enterprise Society Programme which the institution are freely able to use. Additionally, institutions will have a dedicated NACUE member of staff who will be working on this programme.

  • Execution of programme

    NACUE will facilitate five accelerator workshops, (on campus) providing training on enterprise society development, sustainability and succession planning to address all the challenges within a society.

  • Guidance and ongoing support for societies

    We will provide ongoing reasonable remote support by a dedicated NACUE member of staff, via email and phone communication, to two institutional members of staff and two students for the duration of the programme.

  • Project packs and material

    NACUE will provide access to our online portal which allows like-minded students to connect with each other to share ideas, as well as providing online resources to ensure your society continues to thrive, whatever stage its development is at. NACUE will also provide best practice resources, including NACUE’s Succession Handover Framework

    Through the Enterprise Society Programme your students will develop the following enterprise and employability skills, aligned with ‘personal development’ as part of the National Student Survey (NSS):

    • Leadership
    • Presentation and communication skills
    • Time management
    • Team working and collaboration
    • Decision making skills
    • Negotiating skills
    • Problem solving
    • Business planning

This programme will enable students to gain valuable business knowledge, employability skills and the competencies to succeed in entrepreneurship.


“NACUE has enabled our society to develop a network that has given us many opportunities to improve our students’ confidence, knowledge and ability. We have received excellent support with our events, training and development activities” Irene Brew-Riverson, Business Enterprise Manager, Westminster Kingsway College


The National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) is a charitable organisation, with a passion to support the development of education and student engagement throughout all college and universities in the UK, working with a diverse and fast-growing network of educational institutions, student enterprise societies, student and graduate entrepreneurs, government and corporate partners to deliver this vision.

Who are we?

NACUE is the leading charitable membership organisation for engaging students in enterprise, following on from an extraordinary movement in student entrepreneurship which has resulted in us “Powering The Enterprising Generation”.

We provide college and university students with the platform to be experimental, creative and inspiring in their approach to student-led enterprise and entrepreneurship through running inspirational events and advocating practical learning.

Over the last nine years we have engaged over 200,000 students in enterprising and entrepreneurial activities, supported a network of over 200 enterprise societies and seen over 20,000 people attend our events. Our community alone has generated over 16,500 businesses in innovative spaces, creating thousands of jobs and supporting the investment our country needs.


Contact our membership team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will be happy to assist and answer any questions you may still have. Once we understand your requirements, we can create a bespoke package for your institution at a very competitive price. See below for pricing and options.

Members: £1,699

Non-members: £3,499

Additional One Day Onsite Visit/ Workshop


Non-members: £499

Please note that all prices exclude VAT at prevailing rate.




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