Interactive Workshops

Our additional products and services are aligned with practical learning concepts to enable learners to have the opportunity to apply their knowledge within a practical situation whilst  challenging them in a business scenario.

At NACUE, we understand the importance and need in developing front facing leaders and we ensure our programmes are contributing to the requirements of annual student satisfaction surveys such as the National Student Survey (NSS), Graduate Outcomes Survey and Higher Education-Business and Community Interaction Survey (HEBCI) in supporting the recognition which educational institutions rightly deserve.

Interactive workshops introduce methods and co-creation techniques to support learners to build their practical skills and confidence on defining Persona, creating a Value Proposition Map, designing a Customer Experience Map and preparing a compelling 60-second Elevator Pitch.

These workshops are suitable for both further and higher education institutions.

Value Proposition, Persona and Customer Experience Mapping: This workshop will introduce a series of practical tools and collaborative techniques: Persona, Value Proposition Map and Customer Experience Map, in order to enable learners to understand their customers’ needs and break their value proposition down to services and products, pains and gains by stepping into their customers’ shoes in order to design services and products that customers want to experience.

Within the space of three hours, the session will enable learners to apply their practical knowledge to create persona, a value proposition map and design a customer experience map for their business idea by understanding how services work and how they can be improved.

Elevate Your Pitch: This workshop will introduce methods and co-creation techniques to support student entrepreneurs to build their skills and confidence for creating a compelling 60-second Elevator Pitch. Your students will learn how to concisely present their concept in three succinct paragraphs, perfect their 60-second elevator pitch by using proven methods and techniques throughout this interactive session. Within three hours, the workshop will enable learners to apply their newly acquired knowledge, to be able to instantly pitch themselves or their business at any random moment, whilst building their confidence to apply for pitching competitions which could be the next step to kickstarting their business idea.

As part of the Interactive Workshops, institutions will be entitled to an array of customisable services ranging from the below:

Promotional materials to support Student Engagement
NACUE will provide all customised promotional materials to drive signups for the Interactive Workshops which the institution is freely able to use. Additionally, you’ll have a dedicated NACUE member of staff who will be working on these workshops.

Stakeholder Management
NACUE will be responsible for building relationships with key academics involved in enterprise initiatives within the institution, taking into consideration their perspectives. Additionally, NACUE will manage the relationships with the students involved during the workshop sessions.

Project packs and printed material
NACUE will provide all the required material needed for the workshops, including printed tool templates for all participants.

Execution of interactive workshops
NACUE will facilitate the workshop sessions to support on the theoretical and practical knowledge required to define persona, create a value proposition and a customer experience map as well as prepare a compelling 60-second Elevator Pitch.

Through Interactive Workshops your students will develop the following enterprise and employability skills to support their own personal development, in accordance with the National Student Survey (NSS).

Value Proposition, Persona and Customer Experience Mapping

    • Presentation and communication skills
    • Team working and collaboration
    • Creation of a Persona and Value Proposition Map
    • Designing a Customer Experience Map

Elevate Your Pitch

    • Presentation and communication skills
    • Collaborative team working
    • Preparing a compelling Elevator Pitch

This is an exceptional opportunity for up to 50 students to gain valuable business knowledge, employability skills and the competencies to succeed in entrepreneurship.

Interactive Workshops are designed by NACUE, aiming to equip students with the needed enterprise skills-set, as well as inspiring them to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option, through working on a real life, risk free startup project. The workshops will be delivered by NACUE’s experts, who have vast experience in education and enterprise, many as entrepreneurs in their own right and will aim to make this a fun but true working life experience.


“The Elevate your Pitch event was fun, interactive and helped our Enterprise Place members to face their fears, think about and practice pitching themselves and their business ideas.

The Varsity Pitching competition is an excellent opportunity for students and graduates with a business idea to simply give it a try.

Thank you to Yani and the team for a fantastic event – we look forward to welcoming them back next year.” - Louise Dixon, Enterprise Development Manager at The University of Sunderland - Enterprise and Innovation

“A super workshop on #pitching- really hands on & engaging, plenty of food for thought to take back to my students at @sunderlandunihighly recommended” – Jay Sykes, Student at University of Sunderland


The National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) is a charitable organisation, with a passion to support the development of education and student engagement throughout all college and universities in the UK. NACUE works with a diverse and fast-growing network of educational institutions, student enterprise societies, student and graduate entrepreneurs, government and corporate partners to deliver this vision.

Who are we?

NACUE is the leading charitable membership organisation for engaging students in enterprise, following on from an extraordinary movement in student entrepreneurship which has resulted in us “Powering The Enterprising Generation”.

We provide college and university students with the platform to be experimental, creative and inspiring in their approach to student-led enterprise and entrepreneurship, through running inspirational events and advocating practical learning.

Over the last nine years we have engaged thousands of students in enterprising and entrepreneurial activities, supported a network of over 200 enterprise societies and seen over 20,000 people attend our events. Our community alone has generated over 16,500 businesses in innovative spaces, creating thousands of jobs and supporting the investment our country needs.


Contact our membership team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will be happy to assist and answer any questions you may still have. Once we understand your requirements, we can create a bespoke package for your institution at a very competitive price.

Workshops Fee

£399 up to 25 attendees, 1 facilitator*

£599 up to 50 attendees, 2 facilitators*

*Facilitators travel will need to be covered by the institution.

Please note that all prices exclude VAT at prevailing rate.




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