NACUE Society Membership

The beneficiary of these services are for students within an enterprise society.

Why join the NACUE network as a Society Member?

Our network is driven by a shared passion for student enterprise and entrepreneurship amongst students, graduates, academics and educators. As a NACUE ‘Society Member’ you will gain access to the largest grassroots enterprise network and will join our cause in ‘Powering the Enterprising Generation’.

As an organisation formed as a result of an extraordinary movement in student entrepreneurship, we continue to remain dedicated and passionate about student-led entrepreneurship and peer-to-peer learning.

Today, we see over 200 enterprise societies, powered by peer-to-peer groups, who are championing the success of young people throughout their institutions. Our work is dedicated to supporting the development and encouragement of entrepreneurship amongst young individuals by supporting, connecting and representing student enterprise societies and student entrepreneurs worldwide.

We understand the importance in providing students with a platform to be experimental, within a safe space and believe that all students should have the chance to engage in unique opportunities, supporting them to develop the skills they require to be successful in the future.

Enterprise Societies are pivotal in this, honouring and championing the success of young people, as well as acting as leaders within their educational institutions, building relationships with local businesses, developing partnerships with university faculties and most importantly, acting as catalysts and ambassadors for peer-to-peer engagement. All of these activities provide additional opportunities for recording student achievement throughout the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

As a ‘Society member’ of our growing network, you will exclusively gain access to:

  • Recognition as a leader in student-led enterprise society

    We champion the achievements of our members to government, the media and the wider Public, promoting your work within the sector through our website, case studies, monthly newsletters and our annual reports. There are opportunities to contribute to our monthly e-bulletin in profiling your achievements and showcasing best practise examples to student-led enterprise throughout our community.

  • Affiliation to a national network

    Society members can proudly display the NACUE Member logo on their website or on printed materials to demonstrate their commitment to student-led enterprise and affiliation to NACUE.

  • Leading our ‘Co-Creators’ initiative

    We are delighted to have supported a number of societies over the past few years; we now want to work collaboratively with society leaders to profile and support knowledge exchange amongst the network.

  • Dedicated support for your student-led enterprise society

    Our dedicated team will provide remote support and guidance to enable you to take your enterprise society to the next level. Additional onsite support can be purchased at a heavily discounted rate.

  • Opportunity to host exclusive sessions as part of our ‘Society Stream’ at our annual Student Enterprise Conference

    Our annual Student Enterprise Conference is an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and showcase your learnings from being involved within a student-led society. Presidents will have the opportunity to facilitate a session within our exclusive Society Stream, which may also benefit and support the society's application for Leaders Summit.

  • Exclusive opportunities to host regional events as part of a Government initiative to welcome international entrepreneurs.

    Our regional events will be touring the UK between March to November (annually) and we’ll be inviting our society members to host events to welcome international entrepreneurs to the UK as part of a government partnership Sirius New Direction. You’ll have the opportunity to work with our Events Coordinator and bring together like minded individuals, staff and students from across the UK and abroad to your society events.

  • Priority access to opportunities for students

    Gain priority access to exciting opportunities for your society, previously this has included students visiting No.10, attending large networking events at the Institute of Directors Annual Lecture, exclusive opportunities such as software trials from large organisations including IBM and Microsoft.

  • Discounted tickets to NACUE’s national and regional events

    We are offering 5 FREE tickets and any further ticket purchases at a nominal fee, to our annual Student Enterprise Conference for society members.

    For all our other national events including the Society Training events, we are offering society members heavily discounted priced tickets.

  • Opportunity to compete at our annual Leaders Summit

    Our Leaders Summit event is an exclusive event for all society members of NACUE to profile their achievements in relation to enterprise and entrepreneurship within the academic year. We will have a number of awards and prizes to distribute throughout the course of the event to societies, institutions and entrepreneurs.

  • Opportunity to attend our Student Advisory Board

    You will be able to contribute and discuss matters directly affecting societies and young entrepreneurs by representing your institution at our meeting, held annually


The National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) is a charitable organisation, with a passion to support the development of education and student engagement throughout college and universities in the UK, working with a diverse and fast-growing network of educational institutions, student enterprise societies, student and graduate entrepreneurs, government and corporate partners to deliver this vision.

Who are we?

NACUE is the leading charitable membership organisation for engaging students in enterprise, following on from an extraordinary movement in student entrepreneurship which has resulted in us “Powering The Enterprising Generation”.

We provide college and university students with the platform to be experimental, creative and inspiring in their approach to student-led enterprise and entrepreneurship through running inspirational events and advocating practical learning.

Over the last eight years we have engaged over 200,000 students in enterprising and entrepreneurial activities, supported a network of over 200 enterprise societies and seen over 20,000 people attend our events. Our community alone has generated over 16,500 businesses in innovative spaces, creating thousands of jobs and supporting the investment our country needs.

What does NACUE membership cost?

NACUE’s Society Membership is priced at £99 inclusive of VAT, per year.

If you have any further questions or would like to purchase membership, contact our membership team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will be happy to assist.

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